How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

June 15, 2018  |  Uncategorized

Choosing The Right Home Interior Color

When it comes to painting interior spaces, people tend to either agonize over the decision or leap at the first color they see. Neither of these is ideal for choosing a great color. As Las Vegas painting contractors, we help people choose the “just right” colors for their home every day. Using simple guidelines helps to make the process easier.

Here is an inside look at some of the considerations that the design professionals at Fine Interiors in Las Vegas use to help people find the perfect color.

Consider “Warm” and “Cool” Tones

Colors can generally be categorized as “warm” or “cool.” Warm colors like yellow, orange and red bring bright, energetic moods. Cool colors such as blue, green and violet are considered meditative and calming. When you’re considering which colors to use in your Las Vegas home, think about the mood you want to bring to that space. A busy, playful spot like the family room might be a fantastic place for yellow, while soothing green may make more sense in the bedroom.

Use the Color Wheel

Paint Color Wheel - Fine Interiors Las Vegas

color palette and brush with blue handle

A color wheel is a simple tool that the designers at Fine Interiors use on a regular basis. You can use it too by looking at complementary colors and analogous colors. Complementary colors sit opposite each other on the wheel because they are the opposites of each other. If you want an accent wall in your room, then this route may be the way to go. Analogous colors are next-door neighbors on the color wheel. Essentially, these colors are all similar but have subtle differences. Blended together, they look incredible.

Pick a Color From Another Element

Do you have a wonderful lamp, vase, quilt, rug or another d├ęcor piece that’s going in your room? If so, then you can take color inspiration from it. This works whether your favorite piece is one color or several. Your aquamarine vase might look smashing in a room that has walls of the same color but in a lighter shade. Perhaps your quilt has many colors. Choose your favorite, and then paint the walls that color. Either way, your color choice will unify the room.

Consider the Climate

Las Vegas sits in the midst of the gorgeous desert country where the climate tends to be hot and dry. Accordingly, choosing cool colors for your home’s interior makes for a soothing and interesting contrast. You also might consider using a mix of neutrals, which may help your home feel cooler and larger.

Seek Inspiration

Magazines, catalogs and interior design websites all are packed with ideas that could serve as inspiration for your home. Make your own book of color inspiration or use a website like Pinterest to collect the ideas that you love in one place so that you can more easily compare.

The Las Vegas painting contractors at Fine Interiors can help you to take the guesswork out of choosing colors for interior spaces. If you’re almost ready to start painting, then give us a call.